PB & B

Peanut butter and nanners!
This combo really is a match made in breakfast heaven!  The only thing that would make it better would be chocolate! And well, that might be a little bit of an unhealthy way to start your day! (Don’t dare me to do it – I might!)
Threw some blue guys in there for some variety.  They go with bananas pretty well too.  But not like peanut butter.  Peanut butter and bananas are like first cousins and bananas and blueberries are like your mom’s sister’s uncle’s brother’s cousin.  Do you know what I mean!?  They still get along but it is like a take it or leave it relationship.
Anyway, it made my tummy happy 😀
And how could it not be happy, it is FRIDAY after all! Can you tell that this is my favorite day of the week?? My mom once informed me that everyone’s favorite day of the week is Friday, but I’m willing to bet there are some people out there that like other days.  See, my favorite day is Friday but my favorite night is Thursday because I like the anticipation of having Friday the next day.
Today’s lunch will be posted later on… I’m thinking around 4:00 just because on Fridays we eat outside by the river and I just can’t give up the opportunity to take good food photos by the river.  Then tonight my little brother graduates high school, crazy!

2 thoughts on “PB & B

  1. Looks amazing! Thanks for the pocket phone call today while I was at work haha I think I could hear the river from your purse!

  2. nothing better than peanut butter and bananas… nothing.

    I love Fridays the most September-May.

    During the summer, I don’t care what day it is because every day is a weekend for me! Yahoo for being a teacher!!!

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