Greek meets muesli.

Hmm that sounds kind of political, don’t you think!?  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, greek yogurt is the way to go!
See how creamy and thick it is?!  And filling! Which is essential for breakfast because lunch is still hours away!
There’s my breakfast, just hanging out amongst nature.  And although it says cereal, there wasn’t much cereal-age going on in that bowl.  Well, maybe if you want to get technical because I topped my yogurt with muesli and blueberries.
What is muesli?!  It’s a breakfast lovers dream come true!  Unfortunately, I’m not a huge breakfast lover, but I do love muesli.  Muesli is actually a Swiss originiated food that contains a mixture of rolled oats, corn flakes, dried fruit, nuts and other types of grains.  It is great for throwing on yogurt or even eating as cereal!
So really, my cereal was Greek meets Swiss…interesting!
Today’s ride to work was surprisingly easy!  The only thing I’m wondering is…where were all the cars on the road!?  Eerie.
Welp, time for work.  See you at lunch time 😉

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