Finally, I can seeeee! It turns out that the reason why I was still seeing everything blurry and suddenly not being able to read close up was because my prescription was too strong?! Beats me! All that matters is that I can see!!
Of course I did some damage at Target. I bought a new suit and a pair of shorts for vaca, woop!
Today was one of my coworkers birthday so we had some undocumented birthday cake!
It looked like this:
Yes, it was as good as it looks! And a little sinful but who doesn’t want to live life on the edge 😉
For dinner I was craving something pasta-y.
But after browsing the cabinet I had to decide…which kind of pasta?!?!
Geez, how much pasta can one family eat!  You’d think we eat it every night but I’m pretty sure everyone just forgets what we have and ends up buying more every time they go to the grocery store.
When I was growing up my mom couldn’t get us to eat cereal for breakfast so she would make us elbow noodles.  She’d put butter and Parmesan cheese on them 😀  So when I stopped to think about what I wanted, it was elbow noodles!
I was also reading while cooking, quite the multi-tasker!
In my concoction :
°elbow noodles
°stewed tomatoes
°turkey peperoni
° and this little baby:
And when I said baby, I really meant it! So tiny!
We received those as part of a gift from the OG when they were celebrating 10 years of the culinary school in Italy.  Yes, it does exist!
I love one pot meals!
I told myself that I wouldn’t have dessert after dinner because I already had birthday cake, but for some reason that never works.  My chocolate fix needs to be satisfied multiple times a day sometimes!
So I bargained with myself and decided on a small portion of Turkey Hill vanilla frozen yogurt in a ramekin with a few chocolate  chips!
Hit the spot without overindulging!
After I was finished with my appointment, shopping and dinner it was already 8:30!  Geez, where did the day go?!
I decided to break out my good old 30 Day Shred video to see if Jillian could still kick my behind.
Yep, she still does!
Ta ta!

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