Start of Summer!

Happy first day of summer!! Woo!  I am pretty happy, although I have felt like it has been summer for awhile now.  Now it’s offical 8)
I forgot to mention that another Food Network Magazine came in the mail this weekend!!  I was pretty surprised because my last issue came last week for June and my July issue is already here.  AND I only subscribed maybe 3 weeks ago and they said it would take up to 8 weeks.  That Food Network Mag is really on their game 🙂  I haven’t had a chance to read it yet so I can’t wait to check it out and get some good ideas!
Lunch was a good one today! A Trader Joe’s beef tamale, yellow pepper slices and black beans.
I’m in looooove with Trader Joe’s tamales! My favorites are the beef and chicken.  I’ve tried the green pepper but it was just too spicy for me.  They are so flavorful and healthy comfort food.  The outside is almost like a cornbread but more savory and the inside has meat, cheese and vegetables.  I’m a huge fan of Mexican food so when I eat one of these at lunch I am a happy camper.
I have to work late tonight so my dinner post may not be until later.  Hopefully I can get some kind of workout in because I am in the mood!

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