Out of ordinary

Today was so un-routine like and I liked it 🙂
I woke up at around 9:45 and figured I’d lay in bed for a few minutes but uhhh woke up again at 12?!  I really hate to do that but I must have needed it.
Even though it was lunchtime I figured I probably have something breakfasty before heading to the gym.
I didn’t want to have anything that involved too much effort so I made a PB&J waffle!  Sounds kinda weird but it was delish!
Simple and filling!
After my quick eats I headed to the gym.  I did a half hour of the stair…master?  I don’t know if that is the proper name.  It isn’t the kind of machine where you move your legs up and down, it is almost like an escalator!  It sounds simple but after a half hour I as drenched!
I was then offered  a complimentary free session with a trainer.  I wanted to just get a quick workout in but I did it any way and it was a great workout!  Definitely will use some of those techniques in my regular workout.
After getting my sweat on I sipped on some coconut water.
I’ve seen and read a lot about coconut water but this was my first time experiencing it.  It is very light and doesn’t taste very coconut-y.  I read the container and it said that it is straight up coconut- “just like putting a straw in a coconut!”  and is supposed to have a ton of potassium and electrolytes in it.  Plus, it is low in calories and a great alternative to sports drinks.
I also hit up the mall!  I bought my Dad something and also scooped up some things for myself 😉  Macy’s was having a huge sale and all of the Roxy brand things were on sale for $2o.oo!  I also had a coupon so I couldn’t miss the shopportunity!   Beachy tote bag.
Black handbag.
Summery dress 🙂
I have a weakness for bags of all kinds.  When I was little everyone called me the bag lady and I have lived up to that name!
After my shopping splurge I headed home because I was hungry!  As the title implies, it was just a weird eating day.  Because I ate my breakfast so late and woke up so late I wasn’t hungry like I usually am at normal times.
I picked up a bottle of Cheap  White Wine on my way home to enjoy on the deck!  Even though it may be cheap, it is still tasty and crisp!   Nothing like it on a summer night 🙂I also made some nachos that my Dad and I enjoyed before dinner.
It was the perfect appetizer!
I filled up during the happy hour so when dinner came around I only had a small portion…
Sausage, peppers, corn on the cob and a small piece of a roll.  I also had some homemade iced tea!
Of course I still had room for dessert!  I made a peach blueberry crumble and it was so tasty!
Oh crumbley goodness.
Topped with vanilla frozen yogurt!
Might have been the best thing I ate all day!
I then headed over to one of my best friend, Kay’s place.  She has the cutest apartment 😀  We caught up and chatted before we headed to the movies.  We saw “Killers” with Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher which was…weird.  I don’t know, we had mixed feelings on it.  It was kind of cute and there were some funny parts but just too  much violence!  One thing is for sure…Ashton Kutcher is still really hot, as long as I can block out how annoying he is.
Tomorrow we are heading to my cousin’s grad party/Father’s day celebration so it will probably be another one a day post kind of day.  Have a great day and Happy Father’s Day!!

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