Dads and Grads.

Happy Father’s Day!!
I hope everyone had a great day 🙂
I woke up late again today and loved it!
Breakfast was a random one but quite tasty!  I was in the mood for something savory so I went with my craving.
A slice of rye toast, topped with tomato, a slice of precooked bacon, some cheese and black beans.  It may look and sound a little weird but it hit the spot!
We headed to my cousins graduation party/Father’s Day celebration!
Awesome appetizer spread!
I love snacks 😀
Sipped on a lemon drop, so refreshing!
Family enjoying themselves.
Had a glass of vino.
Played some bocce ball with Jay.
Meal time!
I had a little bit of everything! A piece of hoagie, peanut chicken, potato salad, ceasar salad, olives and a small piece of filet mignon.  Everything was delish!
I was  in love with the beautiful flowers my aunt had out.
Dessert time! My cousin in front of his graduation cake.
So good!
Dessert display!
Again, I had a little of everything. Chocolate cheesecake, raspberry cheesecake, canoli, graduation cake and a sugar cookie!
Jay and I 🙂
Me and my Dad when I was itty bitty.
Reading with my Pops.
Today with my Dad and sister!
Happy Father’s Day Dad 🙂

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