What an exhausting day!!
For my mid morning snack I had some Preventiv water.
Preventiv water claims to contain resveratrol, which is a chemical found in red wine.  They say that if you drink the water you “Enjoy the health benefits of red wine without the alcohol or calories”.
It also has the following benefits:
  • Enhanced heart health and cardiovascular function
  • Cancer prevention
  • Increased longevity
  • Good health and well being
  • Antioxidant support
  • Healthy aging
These facts may or may not be true.  Either way, I love the way it tastes!  It is very refreshing but not fake tasting at all. It just tastes fruity and delicious!
I also munched on some more pita chips!
Although I do enjoy Fridays, they are always pretty tiring for me.  One of the highlights of my day was lunch!
As I mentioned before, Friday lunches are OUTSIDE :D! I also brought some outdoor reads.  I love Food Network magazine!
Sushi and sunshine!
I stopped by Wegmans and got a spicy crab roll and some seaweed salad!
When we eat outside we use this big rock as our table and look at the river as we eat.  So peaceful!
Check out all that goodness!
Our view!
My coworker shared these with us at lunch time.  They were interesting but a little too dry for my liking.
Lunch bunch!
When I got back from lunch I had a mini Reese’s peanut butter cup for dessert!
After working at the gym I headed over to my second job at the Olive Garden.  I was going to stop by the mall in between but I got in a fender bender! Grrr!  I was so annoyed because I was completely stopped in traffic and the person behind me was hit and then hit me.  Luckily both of the people were really nice and although I had to wait on the highway for over an hour everyone left unharmed.  My car does have some dents in the back which is really frustrating but hopefully it will get fixed.  I was recently in an accident on April 1st, no it was no joke! and wound up paying a lot of money so it is really upsetting.  And I just got my car in November!  My poor baby 😦
The rest of my day went well.  Because I was at work I had to snap some pictures of my dinner last night!
Yay for almost summer!
I had my favorite salad! Trader Joe’s Field Fresh Chopped Salad and Amy’s tomato bisque with a swirl of sour cream and a sprig of basil!
Check out the goods!
Sandy wished that was what she was having for dinner!
The salad opened.  Walnuts and basil dressing are in the small containers.
You’d really have to try this salad to understand how awesome it is.  The combo of the creamy asiago cheese with the coolness of the corn and peppers is so good.  The cous cous adds a unique texture and some fullness and the dressing is so different and unlike anything I’ve had!!  So good and summery!
I am always teased at work because I work at a restaurant but my eats are just better than what the OG has to offer!
I am SO looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and enjoying my day OFF!

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