Rise & Shine!

It was difficult getting up earlier than normal this morning but it was worth it!  I am not a morning person by any means and I find it hard to work out in the morning because I’d rather get more zzzs!  If it weren’t for work, I would still sleep in until 10:00!  But yoga was very relaxing and it was heated so it was that much better.  It felt nice to stretch and wake up slowly.  I only had to wake up 45 minutes earlier in order to arrive for yoga in time.
And having my morning workout partner helped 🙂
When it was time for breakfast, I was more than ready!
Raspberry blueberry bran muffin that I put on my yogurt!
Too big to eat the whole thing!
Trader Joe’s greek honey yogurt, ripe plum pieces and muffin crumbles!  I like this yogurt because the honey flavor is blended in 🙂
So pretty!
It was just what I needed after a morning workout!
I think I’ll call it snack!
Have a great morning!

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