Jay and I just couldn’t decide where we should have dinner tonight so we agreed to meet at his place.  When we got in his car we still couldn’t decide and wound up in an argument.  I wound up leaving because we were both in a sour mood and I figured it wouldn’t be enjoyable if we were both grumpy.
On my way home I noticed my car needed gas and the low gas light lit up just as I was pulling out on the road.  I looked for the nearest gas station and noticed there were two.  The one on my left was cheaper so I pulled in there.  Wouldn’t you know that seconds after I began pumping my gas (yes, a Jersey girl does know how!), Jay pulled in!  He was in search of chips to have with his dinner.  When we saw each other we both laughed and knew we had to go out to dinner after all.
We went to downtown Media where we walked up and down the street to find a spot we wanted to dine at.  It was “Dining Under the Stars Night”!
Some restaurants had tables set outside in the street that was blocked off but the one we decided to go to,  Quotations, didn’t.
Quotations is a bar/restaurant.  It has a nice atmosphere and a pretty large menu.  This was our second time visiting and we said that next time we would sit in the bar area because it always looks so fun!
As you would guess, there are quotes written on the walls and even on the tables.  This was the quote above our table:
I thought it was a great quote 🙂
For dinner: I had shrimp wrapped in bacon! One of my favorites  🙂 With a side of horseradish dipping sauce.
I love the firm texture of the shrimp with the crispiness of the bacon and how the horseradish adds a creamy and tangy factor.
I also had blackened grilled chicken with a tomato and mozzarella.  The chicken was really good but just a little spicy.  I also felt that the tomatoes could have been more ripe considering they are starting to be in season.  The dressing that came with it was a tomato and olive oil concoction.
Jay had chicken quesadillas.  He pronounces this as quesa-DILL-as.  He actually once said this to our server.  I thought it was hysterical 🙂  I might have tried some of these too 😉
Jay was the hand model of our dessert that I brought along!  Yes, pretzel M&Ms!   I love the salty, sweet  chocolatey taste! So good, you must try these!
I modeled the couple M&Ms we each had. Yum!

We made a pit stop at Trader Joe’s so I could get some yogurt and muffins!  Jay was nice to carry them to the car for me 🙂
If there is ever a situation where I can’t workout at the gym or outside, I lean on pilates (which is what I did tonight)!  I have taken several pilates classes at my work gym and fell in love!  There are tons of routines on Youtube so I like to do those because they are free!  It is also great because you can always find different routines to spice it up!
During my senior year of high school I hurt my back one summer.  I’m not exactly sure how I did it but it was painful and sudden.  One day I woke up and just couldn’t bend!  I went through several months of physical therapy and visits to the chiropractor.  I had had an xray but it wasn’t until my doctor suggested an MRI that we learned I had a herniated disc.  Although it was kind of scary because they are permanent, it was a relief to finally know what was wrong so that it could be treated.  I continued to go to physical therapy and also had a back brace made which gave me a lot of relief.  Did you know that even when you are lying down your back muscles are still working to hold your body? Because they never get a break, it is hard for them to heal, which is why the brace was amazing.  Herniated discs never heal, but it does feel a million times better now.  My only restrictions are that I can’t stand still for a long period of time, like at a concert, and sometimes when I wake up my back is really stiff, especially when I don’t sleep in my own bed.  It is a good reason to stretch and stay limbe
Anyway, the point of ranting about my back was that pilates is an awesome way to stretch and stay flexible.  It feels SO good! Give it a try sometime 🙂
Now I am off to go read some more EPL (Eat, Pray, Love) and try to fall asleep early.  I have to get up extra early because I am taking a Rise&Shine yoga class an hour before work with my coworker!  I hope it wakes me up and gets me going for the day 😀

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