Red, white and blueberries!

Happy Flag Day 😀 !
If my mom wasn’t a teacher I definitely would not have known that!
I was a little bummed that today was Monday, but once I am on the road I always perk up.  Because I drive from NJ to Philly each day my ride can get a little long and traffic-y.  But sometimes when you take a moment to enjoy the ride it isn’t as bad as you think!
A view of the skyline early in the morn!

Snapped this last week when the Flyers were fighting for the Stanley cup!
I recently bought some tea at Teavanna.  For those who haven’t experienced Teavanna, it is a specialty tea shop where you can sample different teas.  Each tea not only has a different flavor but also different health benefits.
I went a little crazy and spent more money than I thought I would have :X Oopsie!  If you look online you can find coupons to get better deals than I did!
The tea on the left is a blend of Samurai Chai Mate and White Avurvedic Chai and the one on the right is a blend of Rooibos Tropical and Jasmine Dragon Pearls.
So I have clearly been drinking lots of tea in the morning!
For breakfast I had a bowl of yogurt with lots of toppings!
The yogurt was Oikos greek yogurt with honey on the bottom (white), raspberries (red), Trader Joes blueberry muesli (blue) and Trader Joe’s blueberry flax seed! Paired with a lovely cup of Dragon tea (my abbreviation for the non chai blend)!
That is one patriotic bowl!
Around 10:00ish I always try to have a snack.  Sometimes I make it interesting, sometimes it is dull.  Today the snackage was a little dull…
I had a handful of almonds and 3 prunes.  Although it isn’t a super filling snack it is perfect to hold me over until…
Lunch time!  We only get a half hour break so I always try to make the most of it.
Today I had my faux eggplant parm sandwich!  If you read my Q + A you’ll know that my favorite food is eggplant! So when I found these I was really excited to be able to have my favorite food at lunch!
I toasted an Arnold Flat in the toaster (I love that we have one at work!), microwaved the eggplant parm bites, melted some Babybel light on the flat, topped with tomato and basil and voila! My healthy lunch version of eggplant parm 🙂 On the side I made a salad with arugula, tomatoes, pine nuts and a few pieces of fresh mozzarella cheese.
Kiwi was dessert!
I was able to get out of the office right on time today at 4:30!  Luckily, my drive home is just as beautiful as the ride to work!
Going over the bridge!
Boathouse row!
Alright off to have dinner and then I have to decide whether I’m heading to the gym or going for a walk with Sandy!

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